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Help center
Help center

International delivery instructions

※ International direct mail Summary
Self-employed mode:

Three cross-border overseas shopping direct mail modes are adopted: China warehouse, Hong Kong warehouse direct delivery, and international warehouse direct delivery. Products are directly sourced and supplied directly by international mommy's domestic and foreign entity companies and self-operated storage centers. Through international mommy cooperative logistics, such as SF, EMS, DHL, etc., quality and timeliness are guaranteed, and users can freely choose according to actual needs .

※ Different warehouse delivery instructions
1. Continental warehouse Straight hair:

Freight standard: 0.5kg is charged at HKD31/0.5kg, and the package weight limit is 2kg;

Estimated time limit: Expected to arrive in 5-15 working days.

2. Hong Kong warehouse Straight hair:

Freight standard: 1kg charge, HKD21/kg;

Estimated time limit: Expected to arrive in 1-3 working days.

3. International warehouse Straight hair:

Freight standard: 1kg billing, HKD67/kg;

Estimated time limit: Expected to arrive in 5-10 working days.

※ Order settlement and Distributed goods
1. Tax payment:

International mommy self-operated warehousing and shipping tax instructions: Universal post lines (China Post EMS, DHL Deutsche Post, postNL Dutch Post, Royal Mail, etc.) are docked between the two countries’ postal services. Tariffs are directly collected by your local post and customs. Enterprises cannot To declare, the user needs to pay by himself. I apologize for the inconvenience caused

2. Declare:

After the direct mail package arrives at your local customs, if it is subject to customs inspection, the customs will notify the consignee to declare and pay the customs duties in different ways. The consignee must declare in time to avoid the return (once the return is returned, the customs will High late fees are charged, so be sure to pay taxes and fees in time to prevent return shipments)



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