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Help center
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About US

※ Introduction to InternationalMommy

International Mommy-Global mother communication platform, based on being the world's largest mother and child platform, it gathers global mother and child users for common communication. There are not only local mother's goods, but also mother and child products from other countries. Mothers can browse the whole world. The founder was inspired by "civilization is produced in communication and collision" in the general history of the world. Based on the "commonality" of global culture, it provides mother users with goods, culture, parenting, social networking and other services of various countries.

※ product advantages

InternationalMommy is stationed in Europe and Hong Kong, collecting the world’s top high-quality baby products, and displaying it to users through its uniquely designed app platform, which is the simplest and ultimate display. More than 90% of the products here are made overseas, and 100% are overseas. Standards, international direct mail delivery users have a variety of choices, such as Sinotrans Germany and Italy, Universal Post, etc., and the products received by users are high-quality products, transparent customs declaration on international routes, customs declaration and legal protection by regular enterprises at home and abroad, and common legal supervision To provide users with the greatest security, InternationalMommy companies pay more attention to the construction of credit and brand culture. InternationalMommy's App Store in China specializes in maternal and child e-commerce. The number of downloads of overseas maternal and child is consistently ranked first. User recognition and recognition of InternationalMommy Trust.

※ Self-operated international logistics

InternationalMommy has the most efficient distribution logistics in Europe: Sinotrans Germany-Italian, providing efficient international distribution for users’ families, Sinotrans Germany-Italian originated in Germany, more sincere and high-value, and has a high reputation for responsibility in Europe, and continuous challenges With multiple difficulties, it solves various logistics problems for users, and has been highly praised by users.

※ Mingde is responsible for the brand

Represents the expectations of overseas Chinese for the development and implementation of Chinese humanities and culture. Since overseas textiles are all made in developing countries, the InternationalMommy overseas team released the "Mingde Responsibility" children's clothing brand at the Shanghai Peace Hotel on Thanksgiving Day. , Major media in China: Jiangsu Satellite TV, Shanghai Satellite TV, Sina, Netease, Toutiao, etc. participated in the report, as a brand that expresses culture for the team to users, and is committed to overseas culture to promote Chinese cultural heritage. Mingde's responsibility represents the right person. An attitude of responsibility for something wrong.

※ After-sales service

InternationalMommy has established a formal legal protection team that provides professional services to users, every day from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm *7 days a week, to provide users with sufficient and convenient APP online services. Mobile phones can communicate with customer service in real time. InternationalMommy The after-sales service team upholds the Chinese high-quality traditional culture Mingde quality, and takes the initiative to bear related problems for users. Among the after-sales services, InternationalMommy's service is the service team that dares to compensate.

The layout is developed globally Country, entity company and warehousing
InternationalMommy's overseas shopping map All over the world in many countries and regions, self-operated direct mail, support self-pickup
Mainland China, Hong Kong, China , Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, Australia, Japan and other countries
Established a company warehouse

Overseas Commissioner Straight Direct supply, large-scale commercial super-bulk direct supply
InternationalMommy insists on investing heavily. According to user needs, InternationalMommy overseas procurement specialists directly source and supply directly
InternationalMommy Post Development, has reached a cooperation agreement with overseas local entity merchants to synchronize overseas products

Overseas self-employed International logistics company, cooperative international logistics
InternationalMommy was established in Frankfurt, Germany Self-operated international logistics: German-Italian Sinotrans
With international logistics giants Cooperation, such as DHL, Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, Holland Post, etc.

Overseas mothers and babies Leader in the field of online shopping platform
Technical team, focus on Provide users with a better and more user-friendly global shopping network platform
InternationalMommy hopes to be more Many people bring high-quality and cheap global products and better responsibilities and services


※ Business contact

Merchant entry, procurement related


Planning, operation, advertising related


Technical Support


Training, recruitment and personnel management


Delivery, warehousing


Settlement, audit financial


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