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Help center
Help center


※ Shopping gold description
1. About shopping Gold

Shopping money is launched by the InternationalMommy platform for users. It has an electronic preferential policy with a valid period and corresponding deduction amount. It can be used and only used to deduct the amount of goods payable when you submit an order in InternationalMommyAPP. It cannot be redeemed or used for other purposes. . At present, InternationalMommy shopping gold is only available on the APP side.

2. Shopping gold Use

InternationalMommy shopping gold is for personal use only. The current shopping gold to product usage ratio is 1:50, that is, 1 yuan shopping gold can be used if the amount of the product is more than 50 yuan, and it is not counted if the amount is less than 10 yuan (if the product amount is 198, the maximum can be used 3 yuan shopping gold).

The shopping cash you have or can use can be viewed in [My]—[Shopping Cash Cash].

If your order meets the shopping gold usage conditions and you have InternationalMommy shopping gold available in your account, on the order submission page, the system will automatically calculate the corresponding deduction plan based on the amount of the goods you purchased, and you can Choose to use.

InternationalMommy shopping gold can be used in combination with other discounts.

3. Shopping gold Validity period

InternationalMommy shopping gold is issued annually. It is valid for the current year and becomes invalid after expiration. That is, the shopping gold of the current year will be emptied at 0:00 on December 31 of the current year.

4. Shopping gold Back

If your order uses InternationalMommy shopping money, if you cancel the order, the shopping money will be refunded in full; if your order using shopping money is returned after the sale, the shopping money will be refunded in proportion to the amount of the returned goods .

5. Supplementary terms

In the process of obtaining and using shopping money, if you have any violations determined by InternationalMommy's risk control rules (such as swiping orders, malicious cash out, false transactions, malicious collection, etc.), InternationalMommy has the right to transfer your shopping money or If an order that uses shopping money is frozen or closed, the used shopping money will not be refunded; in addition, if there are other circumstances where it is clear that the shopping money will not be refunded, it will not be refunded.

InternationalMommy will adjust the rules for the use of shopping funds from time to time as needed. Please pay attention to the product details page, event rules, rules for the use of shopping funds and other tips. The adjustment of shopping funds will be announced by InternationalMommy in advance.

※ Coupon payment

Most of the coupons issued by the InternationalMommy website are tied to the account. Members can log in and enter "My InternationalMommy-coupons" to check. If you have a coupon that matches the payment order in your account, there will be an option "Use coupon" on the checkout page, just click to select.

※ Coupon description
1. Obtain:

Points can be redeemed for coupons. Member upgrades will receive coupons. InternationalMommy will hold discount coupons from time to time. InternationalMommy will compensate customers for damage to the goods ordered by customers. InternationalMommy will give back coupons to old customers. .

2. Rules of use :

1. Coupons can only be used within the validity period, and cannot be used if they expire;

2. Coupons cannot be used for a small number of special products (some coupons can be used if they are marked as universal);

3. Only one coupon can be used for one order, and coupons cannot be combined;

4. Each coupon can only be used once, and the discount amount cannot be used again next time;

5. After the order using the coupon is cancelled, the coupon will be returned to the account within 10 minutes after the order is cancelled, and the coupon validity period will not change;

6. If an order using a coupon is returned, the coupon used will be returned to the account within 24 hours after the refund is confirmed for the unshipped order, and the coupon validity period will remain unchanged;

7. If an order using a coupon is returned, after the shipped order is returned to the InternationalMommy warehouse, the used coupon will be returned to the account within 24 hours, and the validity period of the coupon will remain unchanged;

8. For other unsuccessful transactions using coupons (not shipped) (such as undelivered goods, out of stock, etc.), after confirming the refund, the used coupons will be returned to the account within 24 hours ;

9. Coupons can only be used in this account. InternationalMommy unified management of coupons. If any violation occurs, InternationalMommy has the right to cancel the use of coupons.

Note: If the order uses a coupon, it needs to be returned and exchanged, the coupon amount used will be deducted, and the final interpretation of the coupon distribution and use policy belongs to InternationalMommy.

3. Common problems :

1. I participated in the voucher rebate event, and I have received the goods, but I did not get the voucher, what's the matter?

A: Different events have different coupon rebate times. Generally, they will be issued to your account within one month after the order status changes to “transaction successful” (and there is no record of return application or return processing of the order) In your account, please check the rebate time description on the event page.

2. My order is cancelled, can the gift certificate be restored?

A: After the order is cancelled successfully, the system will restore the gift voucher in about 10 minutes, but the validity period of the gift voucher remains unchanged. Please pay attention to use it within the validity period.

3. Why is there a gift certificate in my account, but there is no "Use gift certificate" button on the checkout page?

A: It may be that your gift certificate has restrictions on the amount of purchases or shopping categories, and the gift certificate has expired.



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