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Help center
Help center

Return Policy

※ Basic instructions
1. Milk powder, complementary food and other foods:

Foods such as milk powder and complementary foods are returned and sold to other customers, which may cause many uncertain problems. Users must check when signing for receipt. After signing, if there is no quality problem, the food will not be returned. If problems are found after receiving the goods, InternationalMommy will set up a full-time customer service to solve the problems for users. If InternationalMommy causes problems, InternationalMommy will bear the responsibility to the end.

2. Seven days return:

(1) If the product has quality problems, issue relevant authoritative reports;

(2) For goods lost or missing parts, provide direct proof photos and proof of express delivery;

(3) For personal reasons, you must bear the freight and ensure that the product does not affect the secondary sales.

※ detailed description
1. Judging the actual date of receipt:

Orders placed by users on InternationalMommy are subject to the actual arrival date displayed on the third-party logistics platform. If the third-party partner cannot effectively return the receipt date, InternationalMommy customer service will manually confirm the actual arrival date with the customer based on factors such as distance.

2. Overseas direct shipment:

The cost of overseas direct shipping logistics is relatively high, the return and exchange procedures are cumbersome, and the goods cannot be accepted without quality problems. If the product is damaged, you must contact customer service when signing for it, and the customer service will deal with it for the user in the first time.

3. No return or exchange:

(1) Products not sold by InternationalMommy;

(2) Product quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid intake, accidents, alterations, incorrect installation, or tearing up or altering labels, machine serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting marks;

(3) Commodities for which commodity receipts cannot be provided;

(4) The original packaging of the sealed product is opened, and the one-time seal or adhesive strip is damaged (except for quality problems);

(5) The product has been used (except for quality problems);

(6) Other items that should not be returned or exchanged in accordance with the law.

Note: When returning a product, the points and corresponding discounts obtained by the product need to be deducted. If the account points have been used, the corresponding amount will be refunded from the product deduction.



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